New Book on Critical Care


critical care, alex delikan.Read the rest

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Course on Social Responsibility for Medical Students

Elective module for students in the International Medical University  “Radiation: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

An MPSR initiative to encourage social responsibility among youth

During 27 Jan – 13 Feb., 2015, MPSR conducted an elective module for fifty three (53) medical, dental and pharmacy students at IMU.

The course was designed and taught by MPSR members, led by Dr.… Read the rest

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Nayarit Report

This report contains detailed information about what happened at the recently concluded conference in Nayarit, an evaluation from IPPNW’s perspective, and recommendations for concrete actions by IPPNW affiliates for the remainder of this year.Read the rest

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Fukushima Three Years On

The Fukushima nuclear disaster three years on

March 11, 2014

by Tilman Ruff

Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 3 reactor in July 2013

Fukushima-Daiichi Unit 3 reactor in July 2013

The world’s most complex nuclear power plant disaster continues three years on, and will continue for many years hence.… Read the rest

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Re: [ASEANcats] COMANGO – Malaysia – Move to Outlaw Human Rights Groups is an Assault on Freedom

Press Release

Declaration of unlawfulness of COMANGO is highly flawed and must be revoked


The Malaysian Bar questions the legitimacy of the announcement by the Ministry of Home Affairs that the Coalition of Malaysian Non-Governmental Organisations in the Universal Periodic Review (“COMANGO”) is unlawful.


Firstly, the announcement came by way of a media statement by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Home Affairs, and referred to alleged non-compliance by COMANGO with the Societies Act 1966 (“Act”).  … Read the rest

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Concerning Custodial Deaths .


Press Statement: 18 July 2013

2013 Custodial Deaths List- Will this ever end?

SUARAM once again is publicizing the list of deaths under state custody for the year 2013.

Year Date Name Age Location
2013 14-Jan-13 Chang Chin Te 30 USJ8
2013 23-Jan-13 Sugumaran 39 Batu 14 Cheras
2013 01-Feb-13 Mohd.Ropi 43 Temerloh, Died at the Sultan Ahmad Shah    Hospital
2013 10-Mar-13 M.Ragu 47 Kampar
2013 17-Mar-13 UNKNOWN 55 Seri Alam Johor
2013 3-April-13 Muhammad   Kusyairi 25 Hospital Pulau Pinang
2013 21-May-13 Dharmendran 32 IPK KL
2013 27-May-13 Jamesh Ramesh 40 Penang
2013 01-Jun-13 Karunanithi 42 IPD Tampin
2013 8-Jun-2013 Nobuhiro Matshushita 33 USJ8
2013 4-July-2013 Cheong Fook Meng 53 Jalan Imbi
2013 16-July-2013 Chew Shiang Giap 26 Pusat   Pemulihan Akhlak Batu Gajah

Three people have now died in police custody on the same date, the 16 of July.

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Next Stop, a Ban on Nuclear Weapons?

Next Stop, a Ban on Nuclear Weapons?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013 09:38 By Tim Wright, Truthout | Op-Ed

A quiet revolution took place in Oslo earlier this month. More than 120 governments, UN agencies, the International Committee of the Red Cross and civil society gathered to debate the problem of nuclear weapons, not in military and geopolitical terms, as has been done for decades, but through a humanitarian lens.… Read the rest

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Oslo Conference on humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons.

From: John Loretz <>
To: IPPNW Discussions on peace and health <>; IPPNW Board <>
Sent: Thursday, 14 March 2013 12:40 AM
Subject: [IPPNWFORUM] Success in Oslo!

What follows is an unavoidably long report on what happened in Oslo last week. I hope you’ll make time to read the whole thing, but here are the headlines:
1) The government conference and the ICAN Civil Society Forum were both successful beyond our expectations.
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Report on Lynas environmental hazard




Ronald McCoy




The Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng, Pahang, claims to be the world’s largest rare earth refinery project. Such industrial projects generate enormous volumes of toxic and radioactive waste and are linked with serious environmental pollution and health risks.… Read the rest

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Catastrophic Humanitarian Harm

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